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LED Systems

Short Pulse - High Intensity - Linear Analog Control
High Speed Imaging, Fluorescence Illumination, Schlieren Imaging, UV-VIS-IR Illumination

Lightspeed Technologies HPLS LED systems provide the brightest LED flashes for high speed imaging.

From pulses shorter than 100ns to as long as 1ms, the digital mode of the HPLS drivers can overdrive LEDs at 18 amps and higher with our SmartTime Circuitry protecting LED emitters if pulse width or duty cycle is exceeded.

Analog modes of the HPLS drivers provide a linear output that will turn an LED into an 'Optical Function Generator'.

The HPLS-36 is a compact single emitter driver with available collimating/focusing optic accessories and fiber launching attachments.

HPLS-30 and HPLS-45 drivers allow operation of an even more compact 'LED socket' for OEM and applications in tight spaces.
Other configurations are available including high intensity linear arrays, ring illuminators, and photodiode feedback.


HPLS-36 Series Single Emitter with Built-in Driver


HPLS-45 Series Remote Operation


Compact Box Driver


Multiple Independent Drivers in a Compact Module


Objective Ring Illuminators

Large Area Illuminators

Linear Arrays


Fiber Launcher

Fibers, Fiber Bundles, POFs, and Light Guides 


Configurations for One, Two, and Three Wavelength Illumination Control


Compact One or Two Wavelength Line / Capillary Illuminator

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