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HPLS-35 Series

The HPLS-35 drivers provide multiple independent DD7500 drivers in in compact modules.  Two Channels (-2C) and four channel (-4C) configurations provide intensely bright flashes from 1μs to 40μs duration with a 3% duty cycle.  Optically isolated inputs accept 3-24V inputs and the flash is on for the duration of the input signal.


High Speed Imaging - Freeze the motion of your fast moving object with a very short, intensely bright flash using standard cameras.


See HPLS26 and OH36 optics options for LED sockets and focusing/collimating optics


HPLS-35DD7500-2C - 2 Channel Driver


HPLS-35DD7500-2C - 2 Channel Driver

Shown with optional mounting MB40 bracket

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