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HPLS-45 Series

HPLS Drivers are available in a remote box configuration for more compact requirements. The typical configuration utilizes the HPLS-45 Box Driver connected to the RS1 LED socket. This socket accepts the same collimator/focusing optics as the HPLS-36 Series.

HPLS-45 Front

HPLS-45 Front

HPLS-45 Back

HPLS-45 Back

HPLS-45AD3500-DIP - Box Driver with Analog and Digital Control

Analog Mode - "Optical Function Generator" LED output follow 0-5 V input linearly

Digital Mode - 3.5 A to the LED for short pulses 500 ns - 1 ms with 15% duty cycle

HPLS-45AXXXX-3DEXT - Linear Analog Driver, 0-5 V control input for linear output in the following ranges:

45A1000 = 1 Amp max output

45A0100 = 100mA max output

45A0010 = 10mA max output.  Low current control!  Great for detector testing and calibration.

  • Interchangeable LED Wavelengths, including UV, VIS, and IR

  • Brilliant, Uniform Illumination

  • Compact Size

  • Continuous, Analog, and Digital (TTL) Control

  • No Speckle Images

  • Short Pulse Drivers (down to <100ns)

  • Easy Synchronization with Cameras or Other Instruments

  • Affordable Alternative to Lasers

HPLS-36RS1 - LED Socket.

  • Accepts LED heads with 0.2-1.2 inch pin spacing.

  • Accepts OH-36 Optics. Specify connector 1)pinned hex substrate for 36 series 2)terminal connector for 30, 45, or 54 series, or inline connector.

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