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Optical Tweezers

Lightspeed Technologies Inc. works closely with Elliot Scientific to supply Optical Tweezers and tweezer components in the USA and Mexico.  We can supply complete systems including microscope and stages or system components including laser, single and multiple trap, force measurement, and particle tracking subsystems. Contact us for more information and a quote.

  • Single or multiple spot

  • Self-contained or Open Architecture

  • Camera Particle Tracking (CPT)

  • Quadrant Photodetectors (QPD)

  • Optical Tweezer upgrade for an existing microscope

Elliot Scientific developed a complete, stand-alone and portable Optical Tweezers for researchers to begin their work on day one instead of spending their time designing, building, and calibrating a system from scratch. This award-winning unit was derived from open architecture designs, and led to a range of add-ons for commercial research microscopes. Today, Elliot Scientific can supply fully integrated systems comprising microscope, lasers, imaging system, optional force measurement, specialist software and the complex opto-mechanical design to make it all work straight out of the box.

E3200 Component Optical Tweezers: Open architecture ideal for the lab environment.  These systems can be supplied either ready assembled or in modular form for the user to set up to match particular requirements, especially in mechanobiology and biomechanics.

E3300 Optical Tweezers:  This system is designed for single spot trapping and manipulation of micron sized particles. It is designed to be attached to a high-quality commercial instrument, converting it into a Photonic Force Microscope (PFM), especially in mechanobiology experiments and biomechanics.

E3500 Computer Controlled Multi Spot Optical Tweezers:  A fully functional computer controlled unit for the multiple spot trapping and manipulation of micron sized particles. It is designed to be attached to high quality commercial instruments, upgrading them to Photonic Force Microscopes, especially useful in mechanobiology experiments and biomechanics.

E4100 QPD-Based Force Measurement Option:  Quadrant Photodetector Force Measurement Option

E4500 CPT:  Camera Particle Tracking and Force Measurement Option

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