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Piezo Stages

Mechonics focuses on microsystem technology and mechatronic systems offering solutions in the following areas: software for electronic controlling, piezo drives and micropositioner, related devices such as monomode coupler, electronics like motor controllers. Linear stages can be configured into XY and XYZ configurations. Vacuum configurations available prepared to 1E-6 or 1E-9 torr. 

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Available with 3.5mm travel (15X15mm footprint), 10mm travel (22X15mm footprint)
Compact design
X, XY, XYZ configurations

Vacuum and Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) options available


Available with 8mm, 18mm, 30mm travel
X, XY, XYZ configurations 
Stages are compatible for different travel range in each axis

Vacuum and Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) options available


2mm travel

10mm travel
3D stages with travel in x, y and z directions

MT25 Mirror Tilting Stage
Angular adjustment +/-3 degrees in two axes
For 1/2 inch (12.7mm) mirrors
9mm open aperture

Vacuum option available

CU30 Controller
USB Controller for piezo driven inertial positioners
Works with USB-voltage (no additional supply needed)
Operates up to 3 axes

Vacuum option available

CU 30_edited.png
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