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HPLS-26PX2 LED Socket and Optics Options

The HPLS-26PX2 LED socket provides mounting and optics options for the variety of LED emitters available.


  • High Speed Imaging - Freeze the motion of your fast moving object with a very short, intensely bright flash using standard cameras.

  • Synchronous Detection

  • Machine Vision

  • Fluorescence Imaging

  • Fluorometry

  • Multiple Wavelength Illumination

Drivers: See HPLS-30, HPLS-35, and HPLS-45 Drivers for generating very short, intense LED flashes.

HPLS-26PX2 with 11-16X32 threaded adapter_edited.jpg

HPLS-26PX2 LED Socket with

OH26-25X12 Collimator

Shown with 11/16X32 threaded adapter

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