HPLS-45 Series

HPLS Drivers are available in a configuration with a remote box driver for more compact configurations.  The typical configuration utilizes the HPLS-45 Box Driver that connects to the RS1 LED socket which accepts the same collimator/focusing optics as the HPLS-36 built-in driver configuration with the same specifications - see HPLS-36 Data Sheet

Click here for the HPLS-45 Series Data Sheet

HPLS-45AD3500-DIP - Box Driver with Analog and Digital Control.

Analog Mode - 'Optical Function Generator' LED output follows 0-5V input linearly.

Digital Mode - 3.5 Amps to the LED for short pulses 500ns-1ms with 15% duty cycle.


Linear Analog Driver.  0-5 V control input for linear output in the following ranges.  Continuous to 500MHz control.  'The Optical Function Generator'

45A1000 = 1 Amp max output

45A0100 = 100mA max output

45A0010 = 10mA max output.  Low current control!  Great for detector testing and calibration.

Interchangeable LED Wavelengths, including UV, VIS, and IR

Brilliant, Uniform Illumination
Compact Size
Continuous, Analog, and Digital (TTL) Control
No Speckle Images
Short Pulse Drivers (down to <100ns)
Easy Synchronization with Cameras or Other Instruments
Affordable Alternative to Lasers


LED Socket. Accepts LED heads with 0.2-1.2 inch pin spacing. Accepts OH-36 Optics. Specify connector 1)pinned hex substrate for 36 series 2)terminal connector for 30, 45, or 54 series, or inline connector.