HPLS Multiple Wavelength Configurations

HPLS systems can be configured for one, two, and even three wavelength illumination control.  Contact Us for details about the HPLS-45 series drivers with local and remote control.  Applications include illumination for fluorescence imaging, optogenetics, and other narrow band applications.

Single Wavelength or Two Wavelength with Beam Combining Cube

Consists of HPLS45 Drivers, CU36 Beam Combining Cube, RS1 LED Socket, OH36-24X11 Collimators (can include bandpass filters), and Bayonet or other port adapters:


HPLS45 Controllers provide local control with 3 digit potentiometer on the front panel or voltage control 0-5V and enable through the back panel


Single Wavelength (middle) or Two Wavelength Illumination with Microscope adapter.


Compact One or Two Wavelength Line / Capillary Illuminator

Compact Illuminator for illuminating capillaries or other line illumination applications. HPLS-30CYL-XXX-XXX  (where XXX specifies wavelength in nanometers)  Can include bandpass filters.



Direct Illumination

Use the OH36-24X11 Collimators/Focusing optic on the RS1 LED socket for direct illumination or into available ports.  These collimators accept bandpass filters to block any illumination that may interfere with fluorescence or other signal illumination.