MS15 - Ultra Small Miniature Translation Stage with Piezo Electric Inertial Drive

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MS15 - XYZ Combination




Width            15 mm

Height            7 mm

Depth            15 mm

Travel             3 mm

Mass              6 g

Velocity         1.5 mm/s

Max. Load     Mx, My, Mz (momentum)    0.4 Nm

 Blocking Force (Fx)    3 N

 Bearing Force (Fy, Fz)    20 N

Guidance Accuracy

 Yaw Angle    20 arc sec

 Pitch Angle    60 arc sec

 Vertical Deviation    1 um

 Lateral Deviation    2 um


Options Available:

  • X, XY, and XYZ Combinations
  • Vacuum Preparation up to 10-9 mbar