LED Illumination Systems

Features: Interchangeable Wavelengths, Short Pulse  High Intensity Flashes or Linear Analog Control, Cost Effective Alternative to Laser Iillumination, OEM Configurations.                                            

Applications Include: High Speed Imaging, Optogenetics, Fluorescence Illumination, Schlieren Imaging, UV-VIS-IR Illumination, fluorometry. 

Lightspeed Technologies HPLS LED systems provide the brightest LED flashes for high speed imaging. From pulses shorter than 100ns to as long as 1ms, the digital mode of the HPLS drivers can overdrive LEDs at 18 amps and higher with our SmartTime Circuitry protecting LED emitters if pulse width or duty cycle is exceeded.

Analog modes of the HPLS drivers provide a linear output that will turn an LED into an 'Optical Function Generator'. Drivers are available to control high current, very bright to extremely low current, low light applications.

The HPLS-36 is a compact single emitter driver with available collimating/focusing optic accessories and fiber launching attachments.             


LED Systems Product Selector


HPLS-30, HPLS-35, and HPLS-45 drivers allow operation of an even more compact LED socket for OEM and applications in tight spaces. Other configurations are available including high intensity linear arrays, ring illuminators, and photodiode feedback.


HPLS-36 Series Single Emitter with Built- in Driver

Digital Mode: Short Intense Flashes for High Speed Imaging, Fluorometry, Time Resolved Measurements

Analog Mode: Linear control of LED output continuous to 500kHz 'Optical Function Generator'

HPLS-35 Series

The HPLS-35 drivers provide multiple independent DD7500 drivers in in compact modules.  Two Channels (-2C) and four channel (-4C) configurations provide intensely bright flashes from 1μs to 40μs duration with a 3% duty cycle.  Optically isolated inputs accept 3-24V inputs and the flash is on for the duration of the input signal.

Application:  High Speed Imaging - Freeze the motion of your fast moving object with a very short, intensely bright flash using standard cameras.

HPLS-45 Series

HPLS Drivers are available in a configuration with a remote box driver for more compact configurations.  The typical configuration utilizes the HPLS-45 Box Driver that connects to the RS1 LED socket which accepts the same collimator/focusing optics as the HPLS-36 built-in driver configuration with the same specifications

OH26 LED Socket and Optics

The HPLS-26PX2 LED socket provides mounting and optics options for the variety of LED emitters available.

Application:  High Speed Imaging - Freeze the motion of your fast moving object with a very short, intensely bright flash using standard cameras.

Drivers: See HPLS-30, HPLS-35, and HPLS-45 Drivers for generating very short, intense LED flashes.


Multiple Wavelength

HPLS systems can be configured for one, two, and even three wavelength illumination control.  Contact Us for details about the HPLS-45 series drivers with local and remote control.  Applications include illumination for fluorescence imaging, optogenetics, and other narrow band applications.


Linear/Ring Arrays

Objective Ring Illuminators for High Speed Imaging of micro sized objects such as microjets, boiling, or cells. 

Large Area Illuminators are be used for capturing high speed events of large objects. Applications include wind tunnel testing with Schlierin Imaging and Pressure Sensitive Paint.

Linear Arrays for illuminating jet sprays or other high speed events over 12 inches.



LED Wavelengths

One great advantage of the HPLS LED systems is that the LED emitters are interchangeable. Remove two screws and swap out the LED for a different wavelength.