Lightspeed Technologies is the U.S. distributor for Elliot Scientific.  A complete range of opto-mechanics is available.  Some of the more popular products include flexure stages, automated alignment of fibers and waveguides, and mini stages.  Download .pdf catalog


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Flexure Stages

Precision Alignment

Fiber Launching

Automated Alignment

XYZ, Roll, Pitch, Yaw


Compact Stages

Stable Dovetail Slides

3mm, 5mm, 10mm travel

X, XY, XYZ configurations

MDE881 - Elliot Gold™ Series Professional Workstation

Waveguide Alignment Systems

Multiple-axis manipulation
Complete Professional Workstation
Central Workstation
Long or short travel options
Rack & Pinion Slide

Manual Adjusters


Manual Adjusters
Thumbwheels with up to 12mm travel to high precision ultra-fine micrometers