E4100 QPD Force Measurement Option: Quadrant Photodetector ♦ Single/Multiple Beam ♦ Standalone or Integrated Systems


QPD Equipped Optical Tweezers System with Force Measurement 

Many researchers wish to measure trapping force: so by imaging an interference pattern onto a quadrant photodetector (QPD) and utilising dedicated software, an operator can monitor the position of a trapped particle with nanometer resolution.
The measurement software also allows the user to calibrate the motion of a single trapped object and thus makes it possible to calculate the forces exerted - this makes optical tweezing particularly attractive for a growing number of scientists probing bio-mechanical systems.


Several different configurations to match possible user requirements are available within the E4100 range. Elliot Scientific can supply a complete Force Measurement Optical Tweezers plug'n'play system, or this capability can be added to an existing Tweezers installation.


Retrofitting to a good quality microscope is also a viable alternative if there are budget limitations.


Multiple QPDs and/or an auxiliary probe beam are among a number of options also on offer.


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Application Notes
Elliot Scientific Optical Tweezers Application Note PDFs and accompanying Videos: