E3300 Series Single Spot Tweezers Systems: Single beam - Standalone or Integrated Systems

E3300 Series Single Spot Tweezers Systems: Single beam ♦ Standalone or integrated systems

Single-spot optical trapping and manipulation - Compact attachment to microscope   


The E3300 Optical Tweezers System is designed for single spot trapping and manipulation of micron sized particles. It is designed to be attached to a high quality commercial instrument, converting it into a Photonic Force Microscope (PFM).

The E3300 upgrade attachment is for researchers wishing to undertake simple single particle trapping and manipulation experiments. It is suitable for working with micron sized particles and can be used for cell manipulation using either the conjugate beam steering optics or the microscope XY sample stage.



  • Cell manipulation using conjugate beam steering optics or microscope XY stage
  • Z trapping using microscope focus stage
  • Attaches to microscope camera or epi-fluorescence port
  • 1070 nm fibre laser with variable power
  • Uses microscope camera and illumination
  • Rotation of birefringent particles with optional polarisation optics

The system comprises an optical module containing the laser, beam steering optics and the microscope interface. The optical module attaches to the microscope either through an additional module such as an epi-fluorescence attachment or a camera port. A range of interfaces are available depending on the make and model of microscope.


The laser beam containing the trapped particle can be directed anywhere within the field of view by manually steering the conjugate optics. Alternatively, the particle can be held trapped in place and the bulk sample moved around it using the precision XY stage. For applications involving rotation of birefringent particles an optional polarisation optic and rotation mount can be added.


The 1070 nm fibre laser gives a stable high quality TEM00 beam with an M2 of 1.05. This high beam quality when used with high NA microscope objectives gives the tightly focused Gaussian spot required for efficient optical traps it both XY an Z directions. Variable power is available for changing the strength of the optical trap.



  • Model E3300 Optical Tweezers System comprises:
  • Optical module with microscope interface
  • Conjugate beam steering optics
  • 1070 nm laser with power monitor and display

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Application Notes
Elliot Scientific Optical Tweezers Application Note PDFs and accompanying Videos:

The E3300 is manufactured under license from The University of St. Andrews