E3100 Series Portable, Desktop Single Beam: Entry-level for non-specialists ♦ Ideal for educational purpose


Computer controlled particle trapping and manipulation 

The E3100 Optical Tweezers System is a simple, self-contained and pre-aligned, fully interlocked, laser workstation for single beam trapping and manipulation of micron sized particles. It incorporates all the key items of hardware within a self contained portable desktop instrument.



  • Cell manipulation via conjugate beam steering optics or precision XY stage
  • XYZ trapping using variable focus stage
  • All essential hardware is within the desktop workstation
  • Colour CCD camera with video out
  • Laser in fully interlocked Class 1 enclosure
  • Facility for using an external laser
  • Rotation of birefringent particles with optional polarization optics

The E3100 has been designed as an economical off-the-shelf entry-level commercial product to enable non-specialist users to evaluate single beam particle trapping and manipulation techniques in a safe Class 1 laser environment.


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Application Notes
Elliot Scientific Optical Tweezers Application Note PDFs and accompanying Videos: