Product Applications


LED Systems

LED advantages over Laser Illumination include safety and no speckle or interference patterns in images. Applications include but are not limited to:

  • High Speed Imaging
    • Short Intense Flashes standard cameras  to capture images of very fast moving objects.
      • Flash durations from 1mS to <100ns
      • Machine Vision
      • Production Imaging
      • Process control and QA
      • Multiple Exposure
    • Imaging
      • Production parts moving at high rates of speed
      • Microjets
      • Boiling
      • Jet Sprays
      • fast moving cells or microscopic processes
      • Insects
    • Synchronize with High Speed Cameras for fast frame rate illumination
      • 10kHz-100kHz
      • <100ns flash capability
    • Time Resolved Applications
      • Fluorometry
      • Fluorescence
      • Detector verification / calibration
  • Microscopy
    • Fluorescence Imaging
      • Single wavelength, Two Wavelength, Three Wavelength
    • Optogenetics
      • Cell Activation
    • Uncaging
    • High Speed Imaging through Objective Lens
    • Ring Illuminators for Objective Lenses
    • UV/Visible/NIR options
  • Biology
    • Well Plate Illumination
    • Solar Simulation
    • UV Wand to <300nm
    • Capillary Illumination
  • Band Pass Illumination
    • Specific Window of Illumination for viewing intense bright processes
  • Wind Tunnel Tests
    • Schlieren Imaging

    • Pressure Sensitive Paint Illumination
  • Forensics
    • Fluorescence Illumination
  • Optical Function Generator
    • Square, Triangular, Sinusoidal control of LED output
  • Large Optics Inspection / Characterization

Wavefront Sensors

  • Laser Beam Characterization
    • Excimer Lasers
    • EUV Configurations
    • Visible / NIR
    • M^2 Measurements
    • Export to Zemax

Optical Tweezers

  • Trap and analyze micron sized particles
    • Holds micron sized objects in fixed position
    • Blood cells / Other Cells
    • Multiple Trap Capability
    • Force Measurement
    • Particle Tracking
    • Cell Sorting
    • Combine with Raman or other spectroscopy

Long Travel Piezo Stages

  • High Resolution Positioning with 2mm, 8mm, 18mm, 30mm travel options
  • Remote Control with sub micron resolution to 15-20nm
  • Sample positioning
  • Vacuum configurations to 1E-6 and 1E-9 Torr
  • Sample and Target positioning in Electron Microscopes
  • Mirror Tip/Tilt
  • Fiber Launching
  • Closed Loop Configurations

Flexure Stages

  • Positioning to <20nm
  • Fiber and Waveguide coupling
  • Fiber Launching to single-mode, multimode, and polarization maintaining fibers
  • Automated Alignment – Production alignment of fibers to lasers

Mini Stages

  • Linear X, XY, XYZ with 3mm, 5mm, 10mm travel in the most compact configuration
  • Vacuum and Non Magnetic applications
  • Cryo applications
  • Rotation and Tilt Stages

Beam Profilers

  • Excimer Laser Beam Profiles
  • Visible / NIR Beam Profiles
  • Laser Beam Analysis to ISO Standards
  • Beam Pointing Analysis and Control