Our mission is to provide quality products and services for generating and measuring light.

Lightspeed Technologies Inc. was established in 2005 in the heart of California's Silicon Valley. We are a manufacturer and distributor of product lines that include LED systems, Optical Tweezers, Optomechanics, Beam Profilers and Wavefront sensors.


Our customers include large corporations, government labs, prime contractors, OEMs, and universities. Applications  include the aerospace, biotech, semiconductor, medical, manufacturing, and R&D industries. We also service international customers.


Lightspeed's goal is to consistently provide high quality products and exceptional customer service.

Lightspeed Technologies Inc. is proud to represent the following companies:


Optical Tweezers, Flexure Stages, Mini Stages, Piezo Stages, Opto-Mechanics



Long Travel Piezo Stages including Vacuum and Cryo configurations.



Distributor of Photonics Tools and Manufacturer of LED Systems.  Engineering Services include custom configurations of illumination systems and optomechanics.

OEM Configurations are available for most products.  Engineering Services available for assisting with integration of products into applications.  Machined components and adapters can be quoted including custom design services.


Wavefront Sensors and Laser Beam Profilers.  Measurement of a wide range of wavelengths including EUV, DUV, UV, VIS, and NIR.